Superbills help you sell!

By Jennifer Tabiza, OD - Jul 6, 2022 12:32:15 PM - 2 MINS READ

Do you have a superbill for your practice?

A superbill is an easy way to create accountability and make sure all your recommendations during the eye exam are being offered by your staff to the patient. 
If you don't have a superbill, consider adding one to your practice as an easy way to generate more revenue. It helps create a system and flow that offers a way to streamline a lot of tasks in your office. 
1) Edit your pricing
2) Change products to what you sell in your practice
3) Include the most common contact lens orders you place on it with the year supplied pre-calculated
4) Have your staff fill in all copays before they send you back with patient and the superbill on a clipboard
5) During the eye exam, whatever you spoke about, circle on the superbill so on check out your staff can offer it
6) Check off any "to dos" for the patient in the lower right hand corner
7) Have your staff initial in the section to the right of each "to do" for accountability
8) At the end of the day have your office manager review all the superbills to make sure everything was done
 That is it! A superbill may be low-tech, but can offer a lot to your practice in keeping it organized and selling! 

Jennifer Tabiza, OD

Jennifer Tabiza is a private practice owner, and creator TechifEYE & Dr. Contact Lens. Her passion is to bring technology into the optical practice to help it streamline, boost revenue & thrive.

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