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TechifEYE will be launching its 2nd annual vision expo launch at Vision Expo East!

Grab a TechifEYE map in your daily blow in - and visit each booth to be entered to win a $500 gift card or a pair of Apple Airpods!

Learn how these tech companies can help your practice streamline, modernize and generate more revenue. Each company will presenting a Tech Talk at our Techifeye booth #P1642


1. Contact Lenses


30% of your revenue is often lost to: Walking scripts, patients who re-order online rather than with you & loss of annual supply sales. If you saw 1,000 patients a year, and 300 of them didn't order with you - thats $105,000/year (at an average sale of $350/patient). 

Capture those auto re-order reminders & a digital Rx INSIDE your contact lens store - which offers your patient 1 click seamless ordering with insurance & rebates...and voila - you can now tap into that lost $105,000 annually. Think about it, now why would your patient order anywhere else?

Cost is between $199-$299 per month depending on your practice size & integration. 

Onboarding takes about 1-2 weeks for data transfer & a 30 minute staff training. After this you are up and running!

Dr. Contact Lens gives you the tools to significantly increase your capture rate, streamline your business by offering your staff & patients 1 click ordering and an online store designed to make the patient HAPPY, which we know...leads to more sales!

Mention TechifEYE and get 50% off your onboarding fee and just $99 to start with no pay for 30 days.

drcl-logo-gradient (1)-2 BOOK DEMO

EYERIS - P1547

Dailies are for everyone. Cost should NO longer be a barrier. Neither should comfort. Now we have an option that makes us ALL happy & is OD founded, knowing this company has our back.

Capture 20% in more dailies sales & tap into a revenue stream that can boost your contact lens sales by an average of $150/more per patient. So if you see 1,000 patients a year, and your dailies rate is at 30%, convert 20% more of them convert to Eyeris dailies - that is $9,000/year MORE than you would be making keeping them in a biweekly or monthly lens.

Cost is nothing up front to start. You only pay for products you sell. 

Onboarding involves ordering a trial kit and a 30 minute staff training. 

Eyeris gives you the confidence to sell dailies at a price most can afford. Retail MSRP of lenses is $459 for the annual supply. Wholesale cost to doctors is $259. That leaves a margin of $200 or 43.5%, the highest in the industry. Patients can purchase lenses online from Eyeris and the doctor who prescribed them realizes the exact same margin as if sold in the practice.

Mention TechifEYE and get $1,500 of lenses with any $3,000 inventory bank purchase. 

2. Website - P1746

A website can boost your credibility, branding, marketing efforts & attract more customers.

84% of US consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one without one.

93% of US consumers use the interest for research before making a purchase.*

Without a website, you risk losing customers to businesses already taking advantage of the online marketplace. If you’re in direct competition with another business that has a website, your competitor has a clear advantage—especially if they are effectively marketing their website. A website can help level the playing field. Increase your website traffic and capture more interest from those browsing your business by updating your website & showcase your practice. 

Capture 20 more customers a month with a strong online presence, and you will bring in an average of $84,000 more a year (at an average worth of $350/per patient). is a leading software and digital marketing company specializing in the eye care industry. prides itself on being technology focused, always being on the forefront of technology trends. applies an innovative approach to digital marketing, offering a complete spectrum of products and services custom tailored to each client to help achieve their goals and increase ROI. specializes in Custom Website Design Google AMP ROI Tracking SEO, SEM, PPC Social Media Reputation Management is differentiated in the industry by their transparent approach to reporting, building a cohesive digital brand strategy and increasing profitability for their clients.

Cost starts at $149/mo and up - depending on what services you enroll in. 

Onboarding includes a practice set up call, and a review of your mock up design. You can be up and running with a new website in 2-4 weeks!

Mention TechifEYE and get No Pay for 90 days - only setup & 1st month due at signing. 

*Source: Verisign blog

roya_logo_2018_original_color-2 BOOK DEMO


3. Patient Communication



WEAVE - P1648

Weave makes it easy to text, email & call your patients. Communication is KEY to any successful business - and Weave makes it not only easy for your patients to reach you, but also your staff. Their platform is user friendly & doesn't require a lot of training - a huge plus for onboarding new technology.

Capture lost revenue by never missing a call or message from a patient. The average practice misses about 12 calls a day. Convert 5% of those into appointments and tap into a revenue stream of $50,400/year.

Cost starts at $549/mo for 5 phones. This replaces your monthly phone bill. 

Onboarding includes installation of phones, and several short training videos for your staff to watch. Average onboarding time is 1-4 weeks. 



Live Chat


Simplifeye takes patient communication to a whole new level by offering a live person on your website 24/7 to chat with patients about their questions & help them book appointments. 

Capture your after hours visitors with more ease. Just 10 extra patients a month booked is a revenue steam of $42,000/year! Not to mention the staff time it saves you, and the convenience you offered your patients. 

Cost starts at $399/mo. 

The ROI is easy to see. Typically it takes only one patient to pay for a month of Simplifeye. Most practices add 6-10 new patients a month through our service.

Onboarding involves a 15 minute staff training & a link your web designer would add to your website. Easy to implement with minimal training. 

Mention Techifeye  and get $50/off per month for their monthly service fee.simplifeye-3 BOOK DEMO

4. Sell/showcase Eyewear

OPTIFY - P1749

Many small businesses aim to expand in the market and reach out to new customers. While face-to-face interactions can be important and business often comes from word-of-mouth, a website gives you a chance to “pass your card out” to thousands online. With an e-commerce store, you can sell items online and ship the product to customers almost anywhere in the world. You might discover that customers in a neighboring city or state are interested in your services, leading to a larger service area, and maybe even an expansion to regional offices. In fact, 81 percent of U.S. small businesses say that a website has helped to grow their business. With a website, you can reach a greater number of potential customers and opportunities.

Capture 5-10 more sales a month by showcasing your collection easily. Why? Because people who want to shop with their local Optometrist are invested in learning about what you offer. This can easily bring in an extra revenue stream of $30,000/year in eyewear sales (at an average sale of $250)>

Cost includes an onboarding fee that ranges from $500-$1,500 and their monthly subscription starts at $300/month

Onboarding involves a practice set up call and inventory transfer. You can be up and running with your new eyewear store in 2-4 weeks. 

Mention Techifeye and get $500 off onboarding fees.

image (1)-3 BOOK DEMO

5. Bookkeeping


Wade offers a great solution to making sure your practice's finances are in tip top shape. Most optometrists know how much their annual gross revenues are, but many don’t know other important financial metrics like net incomecurrent and long-term liability obligationsinventory and fixed asset valuations, or how to report important deductions like depreciation. These duties are not only important for performing the day-to-day functions of your practice and tax reporting, but are essential in determining the overall value of your practice.

Cost includes a monthly fee that ranges depending on practice size. Startup practices start at just $169/mo.

Onboarding involves a practice set up call and access to your quickbooks. 

Mention Techifeye and get 20% off setup and cleanup fees. 

4 eyes BOOK DEMO

6. Insurance


They offer a great solution for insurance benefits. Daily eye care practice operations are time-consuming and expensive due to constant confusion around insurance eligibility, copay amounts, and vendor portal credentials. Staff members schedule appointments without verifying vision insurance and then spend countless hours a month checking vision care plan portals to find eligibility and copay information for patients, ultimately having to painstakingly decipher plan details to calculate the copays.

Capture 5 extra patients a month by having a quick way to verify their insurance while staff is on the phone, and bring in a potential of $21,000/year. This will also save your staff time, allowing your staff to do more valuable things for you rather than search for insurance benefits. 

Cost starts at $199/mo.

Onboarding involves a 30 minute staff training and is easy to implement with minimal effort. 

ppal-2 BOOK DEMO


Vision plans can strangle how eye care providers run their businesses, and ultimately, the quality of care that they deliver to patients. But we don’t think it has to be that way. Anagram helps you drop vision plans while still offering your patients the convenience of out of network billing. 

Cost includes onboarding fee is $300, our pricing structure is $350/mo/door for a 6 month commitment (5% discount for single payment), and $300/mo/door for a 12 month commitment (10% discount for single payment). 

Onboarding involves about a two week process, we set up their new account, have an onboarding call with their team, send them a series of resources and best practices.


7.Financing Options

SUNBIT - P1846

offers a buy now, pay later (BNPL) technology. This can reduce the stress of buying everyday needs for everyone, everywhere. Modern options for buy now pay later have helped business capture rates go up significantly, and have become something consumers are becoming accustomed to. 

Capture 10 extra sales a month with this option, and tap into a revenue stream of $42,000/year (based on an avg. sale of $350 per customer). 

Cost is $100/mo. 

Onboarding includes 2 staff trainings about 30-60 minutes each. You can easily get going in 1-2 weeks after signup. 



8. Differentiating Offerings


Neurolens offers a great way to stand out from the crowd and offer a treatment that will make a large impact on your patient's day to day lives. The NMD2 is an objective, accurate and repeatable way to measure eye alignment. The cutting-edge eye tracking system allows the NMD2 to identify eye misalignment as small as 0.1 Prism Diopters, acquiring over 10,000 data points per patient.

Capture 10 sales of neurolenses a month to tap into a revenue stream of $72,000/year. 

Cost retails for $36,990. There is no monthly fee or per click fee for using the device, nor is there a fee for onboarding or subsequent trainings.

Onboarding includes installation of equipment in office, followed by a staff and doctor training. Subsequent trainings can be scheduled as needed. 

neurolens-logo-2 BOOK DEMO

HERU - P1535

Heru offers a solution that gives you 6 Vision Diagnostic Exams, 5 CPT Codes, 1 Wearable Solution.

Heru’s award-winning re:Vive™ 2.0 platform is a comprehensive, wearable, space-saving diagnostic, health and wellness tool featuring several vision diagnostic modalities in a single platform.


9. Option for every budget

twelve84 - P1649

twelve 84 is an incredible company empowering independent optometrists to streamline their sales process with approachable eyewear packages. What makes twelve84 stand out, is the process. You keep top selling frames on your board, and simply have your staff order it for patients who purchase. This eliminates the need for contact buying, and keeps on display the frames that sell always in your inventory. It offers a solution to your budget conscious patients while still offering incredible fashion.

Capture 14 pairs per month, and your practice can expect to add a minimum of $33,000/year in revenue with Twelve84 product sold ($22,000 net profit).

Cost is $179/mo with no other up front fees to hold their inventory.

Onboarding includes a staff 30 minute staff training. They ship out your inventory within 24 hours of sign up - so you can start in less than a week. 

Mention TechifEYE and get your first 2 Months of Subscription Fee is waived.

twelve84-3 BOOK DEMO

10. Take your practice to the next level


Akrinos is an innovative, high-energy, results-driven team collaborating with doctors to achieve their personal & professional goals in private practice. For established practice owners, Analyze.Strategize.Implement.™ consulting solutions position your practice to thrive in today’s dynamic eye care environment-- sustaining growth, increasing profitability, and eliminating headaches.  For emerging private practitioners, The Practice Launchpad™ leads you from vision to grand opening, through each step of the cold-start or acquisition process-- planning, development, and high velocity launch. From the earliest stages of financial forecasting and composing your plan, through developing your office, building your team, and launching your practice, we believe that technology plays an integral role in practice success in today's healthcare environment!

Cost Analyze.Strategize.Implement.™ consulting solutions start at $1,650/mo. + Set-Up, and The Practice Launchpad™ a la carte start-up services start at $2,625

Mention Techifeye and receive 25%-Off Analyze.Strategize.Implement.™ Set-Up and 20%-Off The Practice Launchpad™


Spexy is a resource for freedom. We create simple tools & solutions for eyecare to thrive on. With no contracts, ever! You stay a member as long as you love us. It really makes us work for it! They have put together a team of opticians, optometric billing specialists, eyecare consultants, optical sales reps, marketing geniuses, and CE educators that make up the ProTip Team at Spexy. The ProTip team is even available for one-on-one meetings through ProTip Talks in the Premium Membership. They offer coaching and guidance on frame inventory optimization in our members’ semi-annual FrameTurn assessments.

Capture 10 more sales a month with staff that is proficient in explaining, billing & selling.  That is a potential revenue of $30,000/year in sales. Generate more and save more time with staff that is confident with what they do. 

Cost $34/month Spexy+ Premium Membership $89/month




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Jennifer Tabiza, OD

Jennifer Tabiza is a private practice owner, and creator TechifEYE & Dr. Contact Lens. Her passion is to bring technology into the optical practice to help it streamline, boost revenue & thrive.

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